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Based Paleo Conservative Battles No BS Libertarian | C-TMZ [Video]

As right-wingers get more and more frustrated with the spineless GOP and big-tent conservatism, many are asking, what is the way forward for our party? Libertarian Austen Peterson goes head to head with conservative John Doyle to discuss the future of the right and how we could possibly save this country. ________________________________________________________________⇩ TODAY’S SPONSORS ⇩ MOINK: Tired of not knowing where your meat comes from? Our newest sponsor, Moink, delivers grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured pork and chicken, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, direct to your door – helping Family Farms become financially independent outside of big agriculture. Go to right now and get FREE GROUND BEEF for a year!! RAYCON: Tired of spending hours untangling headphones? Or spending hundreds on having to continuously replace your wireless pair? Head over to for 20% off the most high quality pair of wireless earbuds you’ve ever experienced. SCOREMASTER: Scoremaster is introducing a new feature to help protect your personal information and privacy. Go to to add credit score points fast and to get your privacy back! ________________________________________________________________Become a subscriber at BlazeTV use my code “ELIJAH” to get $10 off a full year________________________________________________________________Slightly Offens*ve Merch: AUDIO PODCAST & GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!: APPLE: available Google Podcasts & wherever else podcasts are streamed)______________________________________________________________➤BOOKINGS/INQUIRIES: ELIJAH@SLIGHTLYOFFENSIVE.COM_________________________________________________________________ ⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩➤ ELI’S LINKTREE➤ SAV’S LINKTREE➤ INSTAGRAM➤ PARLER ➤ TWITTER:➤ FACEBOOK: Idea Of A Free Society…For Kids!Head to for a unique book series that introduces the important ideas that schools no longer teach.