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President Trump shows OANN story at Ga. rally [Video]

President Trump, once again, shareD his praise of One America News during his return to the campaign trail. During his victory rally in Valdosta, Georgia Saturday night, the President shared a segment

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This Would HELP Trump HUGELY | Monologue | Huckabee [Video]

Donald Trump was the first president in a long time who did not own a dog. Mike Huckabee explains why it would’ve HUGELY benefited President Trump to own a dog during his time at the White House. Don’t miss Mike’s monologue on the state of America and more!—–Watch Huckabee Saturdays 8/7c and again Sundays 9/8c exclusively on TBNView full Huckabee episodes for free on the TBN app: Huckabee merch now: with Mike Huckabee: updated with Huckabee On TBN:—–#Trump #Dogs #Politicians