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“Ultra Maga” – Ultra Desperate [Video]

An under-pressure Jo Biden has started to use the phrase “Ultra Maga” as a way of painting the Republican party as increasingly extreme. Is this the “basket of deplorables” all over again? #JoeBiden #DonaldTrump #MAGAReferences Our Community HERE: To listen, subscribe to the Luminary Channel on Apple Podcasts at or on the Luminary app meditation and breath work, subscribe to my side-channel: Weekly meditation podcast, Above the Noise, is available now on Apple & Luminary IS NICE is my free, weekly, full-length podcast – subscribe here:

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Ep. 1766 Shocking News Breaks About The Ongoing Biden Disaster [Video]

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Biden Goes on DERANGED Rant About “Ultra MAGA Republicans” [Video]

Biden just went on a DERANGED rant about “ultra MAGA republicans” that left everyone questioning if his mind was still working…at all. WATCH Psaki get NASTY when a reporter fact-checks Biden: #biden #maga Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media: